Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case

In choosing lightweight metals for space shuttles, there’s only one metal for that. In choosing a metal to alloy with others for dental and medical implants, there’s still only one preferred metal for that. And that’s titanium, which is known primarily for it’s extremely light weight. So what do you get if you combine the love for lightweight metals and your love for Apple’s smartphone? Well, you get the Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case.

There are an array of cases available for the smartphone, from novel and creative ones (Angry Birds Case, GameBoy Case, Sandals Case) to cases that add a little bit more functionality to your device (Red Pop Case, Bottle Opener Case). The Snow Peak Titanium case doesn’t belong in either of those categories because it’s sole purpose is just to serve as a protective case for your iPhone. But what sets it apart from other iPhone cases is it’s light weight. (You probably already saw this coming, didn’t you?)

Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case

The iPhone 4 Titanium Cover is a lightweight and durable case, with a clean and modern design. The cover is made in Japan using a single piece of titanium pressed over our mold and hand molded to perfectly fit the iPhone 4.  The cover is designed the to comply with all iPhone 4 features.

You can snatch a Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case for the hefty price of $119.95 from Snow Peak.  If you titanium, checkout the Titanium Straw.

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4 Responses to “Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case”

  1. Product for idiots. Dimisses all other products claiming “it’s sole purpose is to protect” as where other products are not.

  2. Austin iPhone Developer Reply August 9, 2011 at 12:09 am

    If it is made from titanium it maybe light but the price I’m sure is heavy.

    Austin iPhone Developer

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