Snail Oil Soap

Snail Oil Beauty Soap

Doesn’t the thought of bathing in a giant tub of snails just make you grin from ear to ear?  Baby, we’re having escargot tonight!  As you all probably know, there is a certain extract that can be taken from a white jade snail to do wonders for your skin, and that extract has been mixed into this wonderfully green bar of soap.  “What are you doing?” If white snail extract will give me great skin, then surely rubbing this snail all over my face will do wonders for my bad acne.

Not only do you get a great bar of soap, you also get a collectible tin!  By collectible, I mean you had better throw it away before it gives you nightmares.  Ever seen a woman who looks like a Forest Elf kiss a large snail?  Well, now you have.  

Snail Oil Soap

Want to feel really clean? Wash your face with a gastropod! This Snail Oil Beauty Soap contains actual extract of white jade snail, which other companies claim has benefits of all kinds to your skin. We don’t claim any benefits, we’re just happy to be selling soap with snail in it.

So, if you’re into this kind of thing, you can pick up this soap filled with snail oil for just $5.95 from NeatoShop or hang out with me, eat some Doritos, and check out the Zombie Soap and the Star Wars Party Favor Soap, you germaphobe. Also available at and at for $7.99.

This super awesome post was written by Jack, lead blogger at Cool Gizmo Toys.  Jack puts together lists to help geeks quickly find the stuff that they love, and has a free eBook that you can get today!

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