SmartTalk – Use Any Headphones with iPhone


Griffin SmartTalk

The SmartTalk is a clever little iPhone adapter from Griffin, featuring a control module and a noise-canceling microphone. This allows you to use your favorite pair of earphones with the iPhone and still retain all the functions.

When you’re listening to your tunes, SmartTalk’s control button lets you Play, Pause, Skip forward or backward. When you get an incoming call, the same button answers the call or lets you send it to voicemail.


  • Adds a microphone and an iPhone control button to your favorite earphones
  • Answer calls or send them to voicemail
  • Play, pause and skip through your tunes
  • High-sensitivity microphone for crystal-clear phone conversations
  • 30-inch cable sheathed in nylon braiding for strength, good looks and durability

The SmartTalk is available for $19.99 over at the Griffin website.

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3 Responses to “SmartTalk – Use Any Headphones with iPhone”

  1. This is not needed for the new iPhone

  2. I have been waiting on this for about a year now!!!

  3. @ Cruleworld: Really? I’ve totally missed that info…maybe I was too excited about the 3G stuff. So you get like a double cord now with the iPhone?

    @ mmolai: I’m sure there are many others out there like you. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments folks!

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