Smart String Tape Measure

Smart String Tape Measure

We’ve seen several versions of digital measuring tapes (like the 4-in-1 Tape Measure and the Digital Measuring Tape), as well as an impractical measuring tool via the Measuring Tape Toilet Roll. One innovative measuring device that can trump all the digital versions is the Smart String Tape Measure.

It’s hard to measure things that aren’t in a straight line with the metallic measuring tapes that most tape measures come with. To measure anything and everything with the Smart String Tape Measure, just pull on the metal tab and use the string to measure. When you’re done, just read off the measurements on the digital display. The Smart String Tape Measure unit also doubles as a calculator, so you can perform quick conversions and computations while you measure.

Smart String Tape Measure

Smart String Tape Measure

First and foremost, the Smart String Tape Measure is a tape measure – but without tape. It uses string. String can bend around curved objects and around weird shapes. And you don’t have to figure out the measurement, either – it displays right on the screen (to 3 decimal places). With the touch of a button you can store the measurement (there’s room for 3) and pop over to calculator mode. In calc mode, you can access all your stored measurements for easy calculations.

  • Up to 3 measurements can be stored and easily accessed in calculator mode for easy calculations.
  • Switch from inches to mm with one button press.
  • 50″ of string has a test strength of over 20 pounds.

The Smart String Tape Measure is available from ThinkGeek for $11.99.

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