World’s Smallest Corkscrew

Twistick Corkscrew

Twistick is the name of this clever and quite nice looking keyring buddy. Measuring only 6.6cm (L) x 0.9cm (W), this is said to be smallest fully functioning corkscrew in the world.

This ingenious keyring-friendly gizmo comprises a 4mm stainless steel bar that passes through the centre of a full size corkscrew helix. When your cork needs popping simply slide out the bar, thread it through the top of the screw section and you’re good to go.

Twistick Corkscrew

The Twistick Keyring is available over at the website for £4.99 ($8 USD). Also available for $7.99 at and for £5.99 at

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  1. That is sheer genius!! I desperately want to buy one, but I never find myself in an emergency wine situation, dang it.

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