Skull Stein

Skull Stein

A little while back GeekAlerts showed you the Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass. That was perfect for the killer shots and serious liquor, but what about the nights when you are drinking beer? That’s where this Skull Stein comes into play. Think of it as the Doomed Skulls long lost drinking companion.

If you are headed for a rough night of drinking and you know a regular stein just isn’t going to get the job done, you might as well have the Skull Stein at your side. This 500ml glass is ready to handle anything you can pour into; you better just make sure you are!

Skull SteinGlass Skull Stein

Pirates. Motorcycle gangs. Creepy voodoo types. There’s loads of people who might want to drink from a glass shaped like a human skull. Especially when it holds just under a pint of your preferred beverage. Enjoy a faintly-ominous beer, a mildly-foreboding cola, or a spine-tingling milk. With this glass your fellow drinkers will be struck with a deliciously vague sense of unease.

  • Not only does this glass have a face, the handle is also shaped like a series of connected bones.
  • Solid glass stein featuring a skull design
  • 9.5(W) x 13cm(H) x 13cm(D)
  • Holds approximately 500ml

You can pre-order your Skull Stein at Firebox for £12.99 or pick it up right now at Urban Outfitters for $12.

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