Sip-N-Spoon Set

Sip-N-Spoon Set

My nieces and nephews always make a mess at the breakfast table when they have their cereal. Once they’re done eating all the frosted flakes, they tip the bowl over to chug down the milk. The youngest, however, slurps her milk one spoonful at a time, which takes her forever to finish, believe me—which is why I probably should get her one of these Sip-n-Spoon Sets.

As you may have already guessed, each of these colorful Sip-n-Spoons is a spoon and a straw in one. Once you’re done with your cereal, just sip the rest of the milk and you’re done. No need to tip the bowl or wait for certain little nieces to finish spooning their milk in.

Sip-N-Spoon Set

Our Sip-N-Spoon allows you to eat your cereal and then drink the leftover milk right through the handle!  But let’s not stop at cereal, think about how great finishing a bowl of ice cream is going to be when you have a milkshake to drink when you’re done!  The possibilities are endless!

Sip-N-Spoon set comes with four colored spoons.

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue

You can get the Sip-N-Spoon Set from Perpetual Kid for $6.99. Totally worth it, in my opinion.

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