Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes

Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes

Is it a puzzle game or a challenging word game that you can play to kill more than just the time? Is it an adventure game that will take you to great highs and lows, or a matching game to check how fast your reflexes are? If you’re talking about the Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes, then the answer is that it’s all of the above.

It’s hard to imagine how tiny, inter-connected cubes can be all of those games and more, but that’s exactly what the Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes are. The cubes connect wireless to your computer, where the game’s software is running. Just fire up various games and flip, move, and rotate the cubes to play.

Sifteo Gaming Cubes

Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes

Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes can be anything you want them to be. If you’re a puzzle fiend, you’ll find tons of puzzles and brain teasers. Love word games? Sifteo does, too. How about adventure games? Got those. Are there little geeks in your life? Sifteo has games for the school age set, whether they’re learning their alphabet or mastering mathematics.

These magical cubes engage all of your thinking skills in a fun, hands-on way. Move, shake, flip, rotate, and even connect the cubes to work your way through the various games. Each cube connects wirelessly to your computer (where the software is housed). Just start up your game and you can move across the room to your comfy chair where you can exercise your spatial reasoning, word-finding, pattern-matching and other awesome cranial powers.

The Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes are available from ThinkGeek for $148.99.

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