Sherbet Colorblock – Colorful Headphones

Sherbet Colorblock Headphones

Are you a fan of colorful gadgets, like the gear clock and the electronic stapler? Maybe these “sherbet colored” headphones will be right up your alley then.

Perfect for DJs and music lovers. Amazingly rich sound! Soft ear padding for ultimate comfort. Comes with a standard 2.5mm plug & additional 3.5mm adapters to use w/ other devices. Each earcup measures about 3.5″ around.

The Sherbet Colorblock Headphones are available from Fredflare for $78.

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Robert Birming

About Robert Birming

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

23 Responses to “Sherbet Colorblock – Colorful Headphones”

  1. omg
    these headphones are so worth buying

  2. I agree Agie, they look…hmm…tasty. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I SO hope that i can buy that also in the Netherlands!

  4. I’m afraid that site currently only offer shipping options for our US and Canada. Hope you’ll be able to fins the Sherbet Colorblock elsewhere. Good luck!

  5. when will these headphones come in stock again

  6. Please use the link above for shopping info concerning the Sherbet Colorblock headphones.

  7. Omg Mahn A Well Canni Believe a Canni Get These Awww Dammmm…
    A Well Wanted Them For Clubland :D:D

  8. these head phones are sold out everywhere..does anyone know where i can get them??

  9. I’m afraid I only know of Fredflare. Maybe someone else knows of a retailer that has the “Sherbet Colorblock Headphones” in stock?

  10. hey, i really2 want this stuff..
    where can i get it?! its $70 right?!
    i reeeaaallly2 want to have it..
    help me to find the store 🙂

    thx a lot 😀

  11. Sheren, you can get the Sherbet Colorblock Headphones from Fredflare for $78 (link included in the article above).

  12. Got them awhile ago and i got A LOT of complements from people

  13. That’s great to hear, Brendan!

  14. omg i love these, where can i get them? x

  15. Wow these are tight. I gotta get a pair.

  16. OMG there sooooooooooooo cool im going to buy some ASP

  17. 78 Bucks is a rip for fluro headphones

  18. i hope these come back out and soooonnn i want them really bad!

  19. heyy i looked on fredflair but i couldnt find these headphones anywhere, i really want a pair, theyre soo cool, any suggestions on how i can find them or anywhere else that sell the same headphones?? 🙂

  20. where can i buy these? i have looked on EVERY website and none of them r available. please help!

  21. wow how cool are these headphones!! i want them!

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