Shaun of the Dead Zombie Attack Survival Kit Girls T-Shirt

Shaun Of The Dead Zombie Attack Survival Kit Girls T-Shirt

If you haven’t spent the time, or don’t have the time, to read the Zombie Survival Guide, then you need the next best thing. The Shaun of the Dead Zombie Attack Survival Kit Girls T-Shirt is the Cliff Notes of zombie survival and will help keep you, and presumably your girlfriend since she should be the one wearing this Girls t-shirt, alive during the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

Thanks to Shaun of the Dead, this t-shirt provides us with a quick hands on guide to everything we’ll need to beat down our neighbors, former friends, and probably a sibling or two. Numbered 1 – 13, this shirt gives some creative ideas to objects you can use for zombie bashing. Cricket bats, shovels, rifles, and of course the Molotov cocktail are some of my favorites.

Since Shaun, aka Simon Pegg, learned firsthand how much work it is to survive an outbreak, this handy shirt reminds us that we need sustenance to stay alive as well. It lists some of the very best impromptu meals like beer, ice cream, and pub kibbles to keep your fighting spirits up.

Stay alive and have your cheat sheet handy with the Shaun of the Dead Zombie Attack Survival Kit Girls T-Shirt at Hot Topic from $22.50.

Nice job Simon on landing roles in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and as Scotty in the next Star Trek movie.

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