Shaker Flashlight

Shaker Flashlight

Here’s a new take on the eco-friendly squeezing and cranking for power that we’ve seen with so many flashlights lately.

With the Double Blue Coil Shaking Flashlight ($15) you will need to shake it to generate power for the three LEDs. Unfortunately it doesn’t say how much shaking you need to do to get X minutes of light.

The flashlight measures L22 x D5 cm and features a splashproof casing.

Shaker Flashlight

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5 Responses to “Shaker Flashlight”

  1. I actually have one of these!

    I’m afraid it doesn’t work very well though – a whole lot of shakin’ to get some very little light.

    I would guesstimate that I need to shake it 45 seconds to get 3 minutes light.

  2. Oh, that doesn’t sound very effective. As a comparison, this Wind-Up Radio with Flashlight will give 40 minutes of light from 1 minute of cranking.

    Thanks for letting us know Mikael!

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