SeV Cotton Hoodie

SeV Cotton Hoodies

In this day and age, most people carry around two or three gadgets at a minimum. There’s your smartphone, your music player, maybe a tablet, another smartphone for work, and so on and so forth. You’ll eventually run out of pockets to stash your devices in unless you get the SeV Cotton Hoodie.

The SeV Cotton Hoodie comes with a lot of hidden pockets and compartments so you can put all of your devices and other stuff in it. There are jackets and vests, too, if you’re not into hoodies.

SeV Cotton Hoodie

SeV Cotton Hoodie

Comfortable, Casual, Efficient Apparel You know the best thing about ScotteVest products? All the pockets. You know the worst thing about SeV products? All the pockets. Not cause they’re bulky (they’re engineered not to be), but because you’re gonna put stuff in them that you’re totally going to forget.

This hoodie has 13 pockets that use SeV’s specially-developed weight management system to keep you from looking bulky. Most of the pockets also are integrated into the Personal Area Network (PAN) system so that your headphones stay right where you need them, untangled. And some interior pockets are clear so that you can control your devices (including those with capacitive touch) without removing them.

The SeV Cotton Hoodie is available from Amazon for $69.99 and at for $69.99 in sizes small – XXXL.

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