Sega’s Robot Chicken – Now Available at Brando

Robotic Chicken

You have probably read about this cute little robot from Sega Toys. The fuzzy chick has been featured at many sites, but it has been quite hard to actually order one. But now you can get the Robotic Chicken from Brando for $26.90.

Robotic Chicken by SegaToys is a lifelike motorized baby chicken that cries and flaps its little whirring wings like an actual chick. Featuring a life size chick running on batteries. When being held, the little chick will flap its little wings. Pad on its head or back and the chick will chirp happily.

Here’s a video of the Sega robot chicken, uploaded by Gizmodo:

Each Robotic Chick is packaged in a transparent egg where it sits on a little nest. To make Dream Chick move and chirp, human contact is required. Touch it or pat it and it’ll move its little wings and chirp from time to time. If you leave it alone, it’ll chirp once in a while but contact is the key.

Head over to Brando to order the Robotic Chicken ($26.90).

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  1. Who doesn’t like chicks?

  2. goood bird huhuhu

  3. Well, not exactly ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ (Philip K Dick) but it’s a start!

  4. bird is very beautiful

  5. how many birds

  6. how do you say if you what to buy it

  7. can you post it to sydney

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