Sea Squirts White Shark Life Jacket

Sea Squirts Life Jackets

It can be a drag to get your kids to put on life jackets when they’re out swimming. Of course, they love being in the water but wearing bright orange vests, not very much. Which is why I think the Sea Squirts White Shark Life Jacket (and the clownfish or dolphin life vest) is a good idea. Because it looks so spunky, your kids will be asking you when they can wear it!

Clownfish and Dolphin Life Vests

Aside from the white shark life jacket, other designs depict other species of fish include that of a pink dolphin, blue dolphin, and a clown fish (like Finding Nemo). If you’re swimming the open sea, these other designs might be a better choice rather than the white shark one. For obvious reasons.

Shark and Dolphin Life Jackets

Sea Squirts Life Jackets

  • They are fun and kids WANT to wear it. Sea Squirts look like fish for a serious reason. Each design has a flexible fin on the back to help kids get carried away with creative play. It’s a brand new idea and there’s nothing like Sea Squirts on earth.
  • The arm-hole sizing insures a proper comfortable fit so the strap between the legs doesn’t have to be too tight.
  • Fin folds over when leaning back for active use
  • Grab me fin can be used as swimming aid
  • Opa Cove Sea Squirts Life Jackets are Type III U.S. Coast Guard certified as a Personal Flotation Devices

You can pick up the Sea Squirts White Shark Life Jacket in small, medium, or large for $49.99 from Amazon. Also available from are the Dolphin Life Jackets (in blue or pink) and the Clown Fish Life Jackets.

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