Scrabble Hyper Slam Game

Scrabble Slam Game

I’ve never been a very good Scrabble player. While I have a pretty extensive vocabulary, I think it’s hard to win if you don’t study one of the Scrabble dictionaries that list words that don’t really sound or seem like words anymore. Despite that, I still enjoy playing Scrabble with an average (and untrained) person during my downtime. The Scrabble Hyper Slam Game, however, offers a new and different way of playing the classic vocabulary word game.

In Scrabble Hyper Slam Game, it’s all about slapping, slamming, and spelling out words. It’s definitely faster paced than the board version of the game, which should make it more fun and lively for the players. Check out the Rotating Oversized Scrabble Game if you want to play it traditionally, or the Scruble Cube if you’re into both Scrabble and solving the Rubik’s Cube.

Scrabble Hyper Slam Game

  • Electronic version of the popular word game Scrabble.
  • The Turbo Slam unit keeps the action moving fast!
  • Play, slap, and slam!

How fast can you create words? Slap down cards to change the words on the table. Then, slam fast when you hear the turbo sound from the Turbo Slam unit. If you slam first, grab an action card. What’s in store for you? The only way to tell is to play, slap, and slam! The Scrabble Hyper Slam Game includes an electronic Turbo Slam unit with storage tray, 55 letter cards, 12 action cards. and rules.

The Scrabble Hyper Slam Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $19.99.

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