Scandiphone Retro Telephone

Scandiphone Retro Telephone

Haven’t you heard? Retro is in lately, especially when it comes to phones. If orange wasn’t your thing, then you probably weren’t very impressed with the Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone. But if bold red is more up your alley, then you might want to check into this Scandiphone Retro Telephone.

At first glance, you may wonder how on earth you’re going to place a call with this thing. There are no visible keypads or dials–until you lift the phone up and take a look at its bottom, that is. If you’re also a fan of Farscape, then you will probably be able to appreciate this phone even more, because it borrows the design, look, and feel of a phone from the hit show.

Scandiphone Retro Telephone

Scandiphone Retro Telephone

The Scandiphone Retro Telephone is the perfect phone for mad men, spacecraft-stealing scientists, or Farscape fans. Based on the unique upright phone introduced in Europe in the mid-1950s, the Scandiphone is a perfect example of form and function in harmony. (The original Ericofon is in the Museum of Modern Art for that very reason!) You might like one if you’re looking for a whimsical way of keeping your land line or if you need a means of contacting the mothership.

  • Retro 50s phone for mad men or Farscape fans
  • Nostalgic styling based on the Ericofon
  • The original Ericofon is in the Museum of Modern Art
  • Land line, corded phone: plugs into a standard phone socket

The Scandiphone Retro Telephone is available from ThinkGeek for $59.99.

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