Santa Claus Costume T-Shirts

Santa Claus Costume T-Shirt

We’ve seen cool costume t-shirts for characters like Doctor Who, Punisher, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but at Christmas these Santa Claus Costume T-Shirts are much more appropriate. I like the long sleeve Santa Claus t-shirt best myself, but there are also short sleeve versions. All are red in color (naturally), quality made with comfy cotton, and feature printing to look like Jolly Old Saint Nicholas complete with the white fur lining, big black belt, and giant belt buckle.

Santa Claus Costume T-Shirt

Santa Claus Christmas Costume T-Shirt. Ho Ho Ho! This t-shirt will instantly transform you into a jolly old soul. This fun Christmas inspired design brings the spirit of the North Pole to your next office Christmas party or holiday gathering. Just add a Santa hat and voilĂ ! Instant holiday spirit! Our Santa Claus Christmas Costume T-Shirt is a funny, novel way to celebrate the holidays. Each Santa Claus design is printed on a bright red deluxe 100% cotton t-shirt.

Order the Long Sleeve Santa Claus Christmas Costume T-Shirt for $16.99 at You can also order a short sleeve Santa Claus costume tee for $12.99 at or a similar one for $14.95 from Neatoshop. With any of these, you’ll want a Santa Hat to complete the look.

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