Sand by Brookstone

Sand by Brookstone

Remember the days of playing in a sandbox and building sandcastles at the beach? You can relive those happy times with Sand by Brookstone, and no sandbox or trips to the beach are required.

You might wonder if there’s any reason to spend money on Sand when you can get regular sand for free at the beach, but the two actually do have some very important differences:

  • Regular sand gets everywhere. Sand by Brookstone sticks to itself but not to you or anything else.
  • Add a little water to regular sand and it eventually dries out. Sand by Brookstone never dries out and you never have to add water to play with it.
  • Regular sand is not soft and stretchy. Sand by Brookstone is.

Sand can be used to build the iconic sand castle, as well as faces and letters, and you don’t have to worry about brooms or vacuum cleaners when it’s time to put the Sand away; just pour it back into its bottle and clean-up is done.

Brookstone Building Sand

Sand by Brookstone

  • 98% sand. 2% polymer. 100% FUN.
  • Non-toxic
  • Includes 2.2 lbs of SAND
  • For ages 5 and up

Make your home or office like a beach with Sand by Brookstone for $19.99 at Brookstone.

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