Samurai Wooden Shelf

Samurai the Shelf

Sleek, masterful, and graceful. Those are words that can describe the Samurai Shelf in a nutshell, which is a unique and masterfully done shelf that probably takes after the people it was named after.

Although Samurais are no longer active today, their legend and reputation still lives on. This shelf features a complex design that does more for you on the decorative aspect rather than on usefulness and usability. That’s because the things and the amount of stuff you can actually put on it is rather limited. That said, the design itself is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. You definitely won’t be able to find a shelf like this in Ikea or anywhere else, for that matter.

Samurai the Shelf

Samurai Wooden Shelf

The Samurai Warrior… strong, loyal, knowledgeable and wise. His sword was his companion and an extension of his soul. Our Samurai shelf is constructed with heavy-duty fasteners, yet remains loyal to the environment. It is designed to carry a heavy load of knowledge and wisdom, all the while destroying everyone’s notion of a shelf.
Samurai the shelf was completely inspired from watching that film. Not really in form, but in concept. Knowledge carried by a strong frame, reverberated by many, in the trajectory form of a Katana sword. All of it hanging securely from the room that you place it, held only in place by gravity.

The Samurai Wooden Shelf is available from Sketch to Form on Etsy for $2,500.

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