Salt & Peeper

Salt and Peeper

If you misread the title of this post as Salt & Pepper, it is understandable. However, it is no typo but a cute bird-shaped Salt & Peeper salt and pepper shaker. Not only does it look adorable, it also is very practical because it is a salt and pepper shaker in one. Just turn the head to the right to dispense salt and left for pepper. You’ll never get confused because the eyes turn white for salt and black for pepper.

Bird Salt and Pepper Shaker sent us one of these Salt & Peeper shakers for us to test out. It looks just as cute in person and works great. This is no surprise though, as Fred & Friends products generally have high quality and innovative design. It also is just the right size, and you can see the relative size in the picture with the Mandalorian Lego minifigure.

Bird Salt and Peeper Shaker

Fred & Friends Salt and Peeper

This little peeper just wants to please. Turn his head to the right — his eyes change from blue to white and his beak dispenses salt; turn it left — his eyes turn black and of course his beak pours the pepper.

Order Salt & Peeper for $9.95 from

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