Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills

Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills

Most of us usually need some type of caffeinated pick-me-up like the Gamer Energy Snacks or Stay Puft Marshmallows to get us through the day. But what happens when you’re done with that big project and you need to crash and get a good night sleep? That’s where the Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills come in handy.

These non-habit forming pills are derived from fruit and allow your body to metabolize caffeine faster so you can get that much needed rest after a day of caffeinated party or studying.

De-Caffeinating Chill Pills

The active ingredient comes from a fruit and it does one thing: it speeds up how your body metabolizes caffeine. And that’s it! Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pill just helps get the caffeine out of your body faster so you can sleep better. We tried it and we were so impressed, well, we had to share it with our friends: you! Don’t stop drinking caffeine – that would be silly. Just make sure it’s out of your body when it’s sleepy-time with Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pill.

  • Take a pill 2-4 hours before your bed time to help your body metabolize caffeine faster.
  • NOT a sleeping pill – it just helps get rid of the caffeine in your body keeping you awake.
  • The active ingredient in Rutaesomn is derived from a fruit not native to the US. Manufactured in the US to ensure the production process follows GMP standards.
  • Non-habit forming.
  • 30 pills per bottle – one pill per dose.

If you need caffeine for daily energy but you having trouble sleeping, try the Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills available at ThinkGeek for $15.99.

Please Note: Rutaesomn may reduce the effectiveness of certain classes of drugs. Please check with your healthcare provider before taking Rutaesomn if you are taking other medications.

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