Rubik’s Cube Hassock

Rubik's Cube Hassock

Since the Pac-Man Chair is only a prototype so far, this colorful Rubik’s cube hassock will be a great alternative if you want a retro playful piece of furniture to rest your tired legs in.

The 48x48x48 cm (18.9 inches) large cube is handmade in Italy by Donated Nappo. It’s easy to clean and available with three different color set-ups. And, if I understand it correct, you can also get it in the colors of your choosing.

The Rubik’s Cube Hassock is available at the Italian NOmadeDESIGN website for 199€ (about $280 USD).

Rubik's Cube Hassock

(Via Think.BigChief)

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6 Responses to “Rubik’s Cube Hassock”

  1. wowwwww.. what a wonderful hassock.. i like it very much 🙂 great post

  2. Happy to hear you like it, thanks for your comment!

  3. i know your posting about the rubik’s cube hassock was
    back in 2007, but do you know where i might be able to purchase one recently? you mentioned that it was available at the italian nomadedesign website, but when i go there, it doesn’t have the hassock that you show in your picture. the one that you show looks excactly like a rubik’s cube, which is exactly what i am looking for.

    thank you so much


  4. The only shop i know of is the one linked to in the article.

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