RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer

RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer

GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty tasty energy drinks in the past, but the RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer may top them all. Packed with vitamin C, these 12 ounce caffeinated root beer drinks will ensure you stay energized and scurvy free.

Free from preservatives with a hint of guarana and orange flavor, this caffeinated root beer is the perfect pick-me up on a hot summer day and goes well with a variety of mixed alcohol drinks.

RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer

  • Inside each bottle ye will find 120mg of caffeine and 100% of the Vitamin C you need to keep scurvy at bay.
  • A delicious root beer and orange flavor awaits you – with a hint of spice from the seven seas.
  • Preservative free – RootJack is Tunnel Pasteurized to get rid of bad bacteria.
  • 120mg of caffeine, and then a little extra from a dash of guarana. Yum

You can purchase a case of the RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer at for $45 and a 4-pack for $8.99 from as soon as they restock.

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