Robotic Stonehenge Digital Clock

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Robotic Stonehenge Digital Clock

This cool looking “digital” clock, created by Software architect Steve Norris, uses a robot arm and 14 numbered cards to display the current time.

All the digits needed to display the time are located on cards positioned in a semi-circle around the left and right sides of the arm. The time itself is displayed in front of the arm. This gives the clock a “Stonehenge” like appearance. There are a total of 14 cards. Each card has two digits with one on each side. The software planner determines which card and which side is needed to display the time and then sends the necessary movement commands to the arm.

Here’s a video demonstration of the Stonehenge clock:

The video shows a time update from 12:09 to 12:10. It demonstrates all the basic movements needed to display the time. If you watch carefully you can see it execute the following movements.

Head over to the Norris Labs website for more information.

(Via OhGizmo)

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