Robocopter – Indoor R/C Helicopter


Robocopter is an indoor R/C helicopter with a different approach. Here you’re controlling a spaceman with a helicopter jet pack strapped to his back.

Here’s a video demonstration of the radio controlled toy:

The Robocopter’s charger has a unique peak detection circuitry that ensures an accurate charge every time and protects your battery from the dangers of overcharging. During the cycle it continuously monitors the battery’s charge curve and automatically stops charging when the peak/full charge is detected. Even though the box suggest a flight time of 5 minutes we had our in the air for 10!

The Robocopter requires 4 x AA batteries and costs £38 (about $79 USD).


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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

10 Responses to “Robocopter – Indoor R/C Helicopter”

  1. Hey to all =)

    i bought this heli and i must say i’m glad i did that

    so i recommend to the bigginners to buy this one !!!


    • Don’t buy the Robocopter, this is not a reliable company! They promised to ship the copter in days and it took over a month. When it arrived it was missing a gear. They promised to mail me gears and six weeks later no gear. I have sent them 8 follow up messages and they now refuse to even reply to my email. DON’T BUY ROBOCOPTER!

  2. Cool, happy to hear that you’re pleased with the Robocopter. As for me, I’m still hooked on the Mosquito. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, Nadiance!

  3. i just bought the robo copter and it wont work! the red light is flashing on the copter and nothing happens when i move the controls and i treid re binding it and everything what do i do

  4. Sorry to hear that, Davis! I hope yuo can get a new working Robocopter from the place where you bought it.

  5. Hey, I have this problem with mine. Whenever I fly it, it spins around madly. If I hover, it goes in a 360 on a centered spot while still spining like crazy. Think you can help?


  6. Yes, first wgcicg way is it spinning. if it is spinning left pres the right trim button same if spinning right.

  7. can i use my spectrum dx6i transmitter with this heli? if so how?

  8. How do I charge it, I lost the manual…

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