Roboco Robot Pet from Tomy


The Roboco robot pet from Tomy is now available at AudioCubes for $17.

This little square robot dog (or cat, whichever you prefer) is the new Tamagotchi. Roboco acts just like your pet. It eats, sleeps, needs attention (a little patting on the head will do) poops and gets sick too. When it’s happy (just pat it twice on the head), Roboco will sing you a little tune. Don’t ignore it or it’ll get angry at you. Reacts to sound… Collect all 6 and see them behave with their own unique character.

Here’s a short commercial for the tiny robot pet:

Roboco is available in blue, dark blue, green, pink, white or yellow.
Here’s TakaraTomy’s Japanese demo website for the Roboco robot.


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  1. are they available only in square shape ??

  2. are they available in philippines?

    -please reply

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