Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker

Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker

While I think the Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker is a fun way to cook those hot dogs, sausages, and wieners, I don’t think it would be very appropriate to use it when kids are included in the party. For one, they probably won’t get the humor and if they did, they might perceive it in a different way.

The Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker is a funny-looking hot dog cooker that lets you stick the sausage where it belongs, if you get what I mean. You can choose to go with a plain design, choose from the many pre-cut designs, or even go with your own custom cut design. You can also try the Reel Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Skewer, if you don’t really get the humor on this one.

Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker

Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker

The clever, stainless steel, anatomically correct, man-shaped, stick figure roasting tool that helps keep your hot dog up and off the grill. In addition to his powerful phallic metallic kabob, his arms can also be used to roast peppers, mushrooms, etc. and his base can be custom cut to hold a name, favorite team name or even a custom design.

The Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker is available online from Roast My Weenie for $17.50.

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