Reversible Ties in Blue and Red

Reversible Tie Blue-Pencil

Dual-purpose is good. Remember the Breville Radio Toaster Radio? Or the Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher? Aside from toasting up your bread in the morning, you can also either listen to some tunes, catch some news, or poach your eggs while you’re at it. Another sort of dual purpose comes in the form of the Reversible Ties.

These ties come in two colors: blue and red. On one side, they look like ordinary and typical ties that you can wear at work or even to formal events. But flip them over to the other side and you’ll have several of the quirkiest and novelty ties ever. The blue one has a pencil printed on the reverse, while the red tie asks other people to “Pull Me”–with an arrow pointing downwards.

Reversible Tie Red and White Stripes

Reversible Tie Red and White Stripes

Don’t let workplace formality force you to suppress your wackier side. So, you have no choice but to wear a suit every day? Well, consider wearing a reversible tie.
This one is from a collection called Twisted Ties, a very versatile series of ties that hide a fun drawing on the back.

For the blue tie: On one side, it’s a serious and discrete shade of light blue that combines perfectly with any suit. But, turn it around, and it turns into an enormous cloth pencil with yellow and black stripes.

For the red tie: This design imitates those red signs you find on trains that tell you to pull on the handle to make an emergency stop. Let your workmates pull on your tie, so they can goof off a bit during those long workdays.

The Reversible Ties in Blue and Red are available from Curiosite for $17.67.

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