Retro Floppy Disk Shaped CDR

Retro Floppy Disk CDR

If the Floppy Disk Notebook made you nostalgic for the magnetic media of decades past, you’ll want to check out these Retro Floppy Disk Shaped CD Recordables. While the notebook was made using 5-1/4″ floppies, which takes me back to Commodore 64 days, these CDRs are fashioned after the 3-1/2″ disks that were commonly used with PCs before CDROMs because so widespread. Given that normal CDR discs are larger and round, it is remarkable that these recordable CDs can be square and look so much like a Floppy Disk, yet still work like ordinary CDRs (except with a 200MB capacity).

Floppy Disk CDROM Disc

Retro Floppy Disk Shaped CDR

This Recordable CD is perfect for anyone who’s still pining away for the 1980’s. One of the most iconic symbols of that time are those old 3.5″ floppy disks, that’s why Monkey Business has decided to recover them and transform them into CD’s you can use to store whatever you like (music, images, video,…).

You have 200MB of storage capacity to save whatever you want. And you can do this using whatever program you normally use for conventional CD’s; you won’t need any new software.

Monkey Business CD Recordable Floppy Disc CDR


  • Storage Capacity: 200MB
  • Works only with readers that have a round piece to fit the CD on: laptop, Discman,…
  • Size: 8.8 cm / 3.43 inches (Wide) x 8.8 cm / 3.43 inches (High)

Available for $8.51, these CDRetro Floppy Disk Shaped CDRs can be ordered from Curiosite.

You can also find the Retro Floppy Design Recordable CD Storage CDR Disc available at for $7.50.

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