Redshirts Card Game

Redshirts Card Game

It all started with Star Trek. Whenever they sent a redshirt to the planet, you knew he was going to die. Now you can get in on the fun of killing off redshirts with the Redshirts Card Game. The goal is to kill off all of your redshirts first.

Fans of Science Fiction will get a kick out of this one. First you look at the mission and then you pick the worst guys for the job. When all of the redshirts are killed, you win. Think of it as weening the useless guys from your starship.

The Redshirts Card Game

Redshirts Card Game

  • First person to kill off all their redshirts wins!
  • Fun, evil, and fast-paced card game.
  • For 2-7 players (ages 14 and up).
  • Average game time: 30-90 mins.
  • Includes: 108 cards and rulebook
  • Card Dimensions: 3.5″ x 2.5″

Just $19.99 from Thinkgeek.

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  1. Thanks for this – the game is so new I was having trouble finding anything online for it!


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