Red Insta Kilt Towel

Insta Kilt Towel

Want an instant kilt, so you can be like Sean Connery or Rowdy Roddy Piper? You got it. The Red Insta Kilt Towel is both a towel and a kilt. How can you possibly go wrong? Look at how tough and rugged that guy in the image looks.

Let’s face it, the kilt is the only dress that is acceptable for manly men to wear. So if you want to wear a skirt with little or no repercussions, this might be your chance.

This towel is 100% Cotton Terry and measures 30″ x 60″. It makes you instantly Irish. It’s just $27.99 from Amazon.

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Conner Flynn

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Conner has been blogging for major internet publications since 2007, has authored several Sci-Fi novels and short stories and loves geek/tech toys. His latest project is a new geek toy store over at where he hopes to make many geeks happy by making sure they stay young.

3 Responses to “Red Insta Kilt Towel”

  1. “It makes you instantly Irish” except that kilts are Scottish.

  2. Kilts are both Irish and Scottish! The culture is the same culture, and the people the same people, and the language the same language. The difference only came about in the past few centuries, with all of those political issues. So most Scottish things are also Irish, and most Irish things Scottish. 🙂

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