R/C Star Trek Enterprise Zeppelin

R/C Star Trek Enterprise Zeppelin

You might remember that cool R/C Star Trek Enterprise Spaceship that was covered here at GeekAlerts a couple of years ago. Well, someone decided to take this one step further – or maybe backwards – by creating this cool 2 meter long Zeppelin version instead.

It’s not a representation of a particular version of the Enterprise, but an “artist’s impression” of the yet unappeared Enterprise Z (Z from Zeppelin) .

Here is a video clip showing the Enterprise Zeppelin in action:

I made it for the occasion of the BVC participation at the 20th F.A.C.T.S. convention in Ghent, October 23-24, 2010. The BVC or Belgian Voyage Club is the Belgian Star Trek fan club.

Head over to the Instructables website to read about how this do-it-yourself R/C Star Trek Enterprise Zeppelin was created. (Hack n’ Mod via Geeky Gadgets).

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