R/C Spy Car with IR Headset

R/C Spy Car

This radio controlled spy car has a feature that you won’t find with the R/C Snooper Robot or the Rovio Wi-Fi Spy Robot – it allows you to spy in the dark.

Put on the lightweight headset with the single LCD lens to ensure you’re the only one who views the video transmitted through your RC vehicle. Adjust the camera angle on the wireless spy car and send it on secret missions using the hand-held remote control.

R/C Spy Car Headset

Observe the journey and the destination through the small screen attached to your headset. From the safety of your spy headquarters, you’ll be able to watch what’s going on wherever your video vehicle travels, indoors and out, up to 75 feet away. Spying in the dark? No problem: Just flip on the infrared nigh-vision system, and you’ll be able to see just what your brother’s up to late at night.

The R/C Spy Car ($120) measures 9 x 7.5 x 4.5 in. and requires 6 x AA batt.

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5 Responses to “R/C Spy Car with IR Headset”

  1. how do i get it and how mush is it

  2. The “R/C Spy Car with IR Headset” is priced at $120. You can order it via the above link.

  3. very good car , i would like to buy ,, How much it will cost ,, I check Robert link ,, but did not found anything from where i can buy that car .

  4. R/C Spy Car with IR Headset looks great and features like night vision and distance 75 feet amm! great i think it is multitasking toy, spy car thanks!

  5. robert there is nothing on ur link

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