R/C Skunk

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R/C Skunk

Here we have yet another radio-controlled creation that definitely would have made it into the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list if it would have been around when the article was published. Say hello the R/C skunk.

Authentic-looking skunk mimics like the real thing–minus the spray, of course! Moves backward, forward, and flicks its tail at your push-button command.

The R/C Skunk is available from Things You Never Knew Existed for $39.98.

(Via Nerd Approved)

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2 Responses to “R/C Skunk”

  1. Thanks for the links, Mary! Cool toys!

  2. i have been looking for a romote control skunk for a while now that found one i have to get the money save up so i can get it for very nice person in my life

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