R/C Robot T-Rex

R/C Robot T-Rex

This R/C T-rex might be small in comparison to the replica we saw a few days ago, but it’s still impressive with its 81 cm (31.9 inches) in length.

This remote controlled dinosaur comes with three different moving modes: walking, running and predatory. It also features movable arms, a swiveling head, a sweeping tail, a chomping jaw full of pointy teeth, and it’s loaded with a bunch of dinosaur sounds. The infrared vision makes sure he doesn’t bump into any obstacles on the way.

The R/C Robot T-Rex ($45, currently sold out) measures 81 x 37.5 x 30 cm (31.9 x 14.6 x 11.8 inches) and requires 8 x AA batteries for the creature and 3 x AA batteries for the controller.

R/C Robot T-Rex

(Via Gizmo Watch)

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3 Responses to “R/C Robot T-Rex”

  1. Its a velociraptor. I have one, its funny to play with this in front of my dog.

  2. The product info says T-rex, but I’m sure you’re right Jimmy – I really couldn’t tell the difference to be honest. 🙂

    I can imagine it is. It would be fun to try it out with the cats at home here.

  3. Jimmy is right. Got it but i got it as roboraptor at a store

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