R/C Helicopter with Spy Camera


The HoverSpy Video Cam R/C Copter is a radio-controlled helicopter, capable of flying indoors or outdoors up to 150 feet high, that features a built-in gyro and a small embedded video camera.

Simply press a button on the remote to start and stop recording. Later, download the video to your laptop and enjoy the view.

Here’s a video clip showing the HoverSpy R/C helicopter in action:

The Hoverspy stores all the video on an included micro SD card. The remote works via radio frequency rather than infrared allowing you to control the copter hundreds of feet away. The built-in gyro allows precision turns and rock solid hovering for great photography abilities.

Product Features

  • Professional level copter with built-in camera records high-quality video while flying
  • Video resolution 640×480 in standard .AVI format
  • Included 1GB Micro SD stores 40 minutes of video. Add your own card for longer recording time.
  • Fly indoors or out (under zero wind conditions) over 150 feet high
  • Control is via radio frequency, not infra-red (IR)
  • Precision control and turning thanks to accelerometer
  • Three channel control gives you fully proportional up/down, right/left and forward/backward control
  • Aluminum body, landing gear and struts
  • Dual counter-rotating blades give incredible hovering and stability
  • Includes AC wall adapter for charging
  • 7 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time
  • Increased internal Li battery capacity for more power
  • Remote requires 6 AA batteries, not included
  • Copter is approx. 12″ in length with a top blade diameter of 10″

HoverSpy Controller

The HoverSpy Video Cam R/C Copter ($79.99) is available over at ThinkGeek.

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10 Responses to “R/C Helicopter with Spy Camera”

  1. I see this manufacturer can produce such mini camera for Helicopter

  2. the manufacturer name YEMACORP

  3. Charge time is more than 75 mins (common with LiPolys). Still need to try it outdoors (after storms pass).

  4. Yeah, but who makes the copter?

    Think Geek do not have spare parts and have no idea who can help

  5. I got this helicopter and when idling/hovering it keeps trying to go backwards without touching the backwards control. That and when I try to make it go forward, it moves super slow. Almost like there is too much backwards momentum that its fighting against. Anyone know how to correct this?

  6. I received this toy today and wanted to post my initial review. The helicopter appears to be built decently as it hasn’t broken on crash landing (yet). The battery life is terible, but the website did say 7 minutes. It is difficult to get the helicopter to move forward. As John posted it wants to go backwards when idling. When trying to move forward it’s very slow to do so. Backward movement is far easier. The charge time is way longer than 10 minutes though. After a 20 minute recharge the helicopter only flew for 3-4 minutes before it was to low to gain any altitude. The picture quality from the camera though is quite amazing. If you’ve seen the clarity posted in the youtube clip then you’ve seen what this it can do. More to come.

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