R/C Car with Video Camera and Laser Game

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R/C Car with Video Camera and Laser Game

This radio-controlled car features a built-in digital video camera that transmits a live feed to the controller and its 2.4-inch color TFT LCD video monitor. And to top it enough, they have also managed to squeeze in an interactive laser game.

The car has a remote control with an extra long range (up to 30 meters) and can control the cars movement by eyesight or via the LCD monitor. Maneuvering the car could not be simpler, the controller has sensitive left/right and forward/backward stick controls, while the controller itself is handheld and feels similar in function and use to a modern video game control pad.

Here’s a video showing the video-equipped R/C car in action:

This sports car has a laser function and can be used to play lasertag with your friends. And the fun isn’t even over yet! You can also use the cars video transmission function to view what the neighbors are doing.

R/C Car with Video Camera and Laser Game

The Deluxe R/C Sportscar with Video Camera measures 39(L) x 23(W) x 13(H) cm and it is powered with a rechargeable 9.6V battery pack. The controller requires 8 x AA batteries. The product is available from Chinavision for 71.35 EUR (about $89 USD).

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  1. China electronics wholesale Reply October 28, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    Very cool~~~

  2. I must have this car. ._. It is AWESOME! Well, looks like it. I have been searching for a car with a live video camera… but this is way over what I imagined AND it is so much cheaper than the other I was looking at. =0

  3. Can i have a free one please? Im a poor boy ? I have savings? £4.19

  4. It is very bad car. I do not want to buy it.

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