Ramrocket Fireworks Light-Up Fireballs

Ramrocket Fireworks Light-Up Fireballs

Kids can enjoy the 4th of July in a fun and safe manner with Ramrocket Fireworks Light-Up Fireballs. This toy comes with a launcher and four “fireballs” that can fly almost 50 feet into the air. It features real firework sound effects, adding to the illusion. The “fireballs” (which are actually made of soft foam) light up, providing a dazzling display and making them easy to find in the dark.

Although real fireworks can be fun, they certainly are not safe for small children. Ramrocket Fireworks are safe for little kids, and enough fun for older kids too. There is no danger of setting a fire, exploding in your hands, or burning your skin.

Ramrocket Fireworks

Launch these light-up foam fire balls in the air and listen to the built-in fireworks sounds! The perfect safe way to enjoy the lights and sounds of real fireworks! For great fun during the day and night, the fire balls glow an intense red to project the ambiance of real fireworks.

Unlike real fireworks, which are illegal in many states/countries, this item is easy to acquire because it is legal to buy. You can order Ramrocket Fireworks for just $12.45 at Amazon.com.

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