Radiator Shark Deterrent Wetsuits: Scientifically Safer in Shark Infested Waters


Sharks can be a problem for surfers and scuba-divers. While not all species are aggressive, most are fierce predators and attacks can be fatal upon victims. There’s some new technology available now that will deter shark attacks.

The Radiator line of wetsuits are the first to incorporate the Shark Attack Mitigation System. There are a bunch of different ones available, depending on if you’re a diver, a deep diver, or a surfer. The suits rely on two key visual ways shark identify their prey. The first one blends users into the background. The second one makes them appear like something threatening.

Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

The goal is to confuse a shark’s visual systems and it has been scientifically tested. The Elude model is for divers, while the Diverter models are for murky waters or surfers. They start out at $429 AUD (~$394USD) and you can get them from Radiator.

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  1. They’ll work until you pee yourself, and there is a smell of blood in your pee that sharks can pick up, and it wont matter what you look like.

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