RAD Emergency Bra

RAD Emergency Bra

Ladies, you have it within your power to save lives by merely wearing an important piece of clothing. Guys, you’re out of luck unless you can find a woman wearing a RAD Emergency Bra when the radioactive poo hits the fan.

Remember those old school drills where the teachers would have the students hide under the desks during bomb drills? Naw, me neither. That was before my time, but I’ve heard the stories and always wondered how a desk was supposed to protect people from the Big One. The same thought flits through my mind when I look at this thing, but I guess any port in a storm will do.

In addition to having two fully-functional gas masks, the bra also contains a radiation sensor under the front clasp that will let you know if your body is being bombarded by invisible beams of lethal radiation. If you are… well, the bra has done part of its job and now it’s up to you to get medical care.

RAD Emergency Womens Bra

You’ll have to decide if wearing a bra on your head is worth keeping track of dangerous radiation levels in your area, but if you decide the risk is just too great, the RAD Emergency Bra is available for $49.99 at The Emergency Bra.

(via Incredible Things)

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