R2-D2 Suitcase

R2-D2 suitcase

Here at GeekAlerts we love R2-D2 and anything styled in his honor. Apparently so do the designers at Salvador Bachiller. While not officially licensed, hence no official Star Wars R2-D2 name, this rolling suitcase looks enough like that droid for us to call it an R2-D2 Suitcase.

Made from rigid plastic, the suitcase features zipper closure, four wheels for 360 degree turning, an adjustable handle, and combination lock. Sounds like this stylish suitcase has everything but R2’s whistles and beeps…

Salvador Bachiller R2-D2 themed rolling suitcase

Rigid suitcase of design of robot and original lining of bones. It has a zipper closure system with nice shooters, it includes a lock with combination of three digits, extensible cart, two handles (top and side) and four wheels of polycarbonate with 360º turn to facilitate the mobility. It also consists of an inside pocket to carry everything well organized.
Measures: 60 x 43 x 27 cm. weight: 3,69 Kg.

On your next adventure make sure you take your trusty R2 unit. The R2-D2 themed suitcase is currently available for 95€ at Salvadorbachiller.com. Don’t forget to pack your Star Wars Fleece Pajamas, it gets cold on Hoth!

{via Geekologie}

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  1. I love this luggage! but it doesn’t show the cost

  2. Where can i buy this luggage??? I must to know!

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