Puff Pops – Smoke and Lick Lollipop Pipe

Puff Pops Lollipop Pipe

While everyone has heard of Candy Cigarettes, have you every hear of a candy pipe? Puff Pops Smoke and Lick Lollipop Pipes are lollipops that work as pipes for smoking legal herbs. Use it once and then eat it, or keep using it multiple times. At first it may look like it is just a cute gimmick to have a funny pipe, but there are many practical benefits.

One benefit is that to begin with it is a complete legal piece of candy. Who would be suspicious if they found a lollipop in your pocket? They also say that the candy adds delicious flavor to the smoke. Another benefit the manufacturer claims is that many customers love to eat the pipe when they are done with it. While it is obviously an effective way of destroying the evidence if you don’t want people to know you’re smoking, I find it hard to believe that people actually enjoy the leftover ashes.

Smoking Puff Pops Pipe

Puff Pops Lollipop Pipes

Puff Pops are one of the smartest smoking devices out there. Puff pops allow you to carry around a functioning pipe that is nothing more then a discreet, completely legal piece of candy. Use the puff pipe once or over and over again…. When you are finished smoking you can enjoy your pipe as a delicious candy treat! Not only is the puff pop a secret, edible smoking device but it also adds delicious candy flavor as you smoke for a unique smoking experience you are sure to love! Eat the “evidence”, nobody would ever suspect this tasty lolly is a pipe. Many of our customers enjoy the smokey herbal flavor of eating a used puff pipe; they say eating the pipe after smoking is their new after smoking ritual.

Puff Pops Smoke and Lick Lollipop Pipes are available for $2.99 at Amazon.com.

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  1. Anyone that uses a pipe knows what its like on the inside after you smoke it. Why would you eat that?!

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