Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag

Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting enough exercise in your day but really don’t have time to head to the gym? Or have you ever been so frustrated at someone that you just felt like you needed to hit or punch something really hard to let go of the anger? Then you need the Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag.

It’s quick to set up and easy to inflate. It stands at a little over five feet and is a punching bag that you can literally bring anywhere because of its portability (in its deflated state, that is.) For the perfect calm yourself down session, print out the face of your boss or whoever might have pissed you off, stick it near the top of the Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag and start punching away.

Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag

Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag

What better way to end a stressful day than by going a few rounds with an opponent that just loves to be walloped? Vent your fury, burn calories and improve your coordination and flexibility with the Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag.

Standing 5’ 2” tall it’s suitable for all the family. Inflate it with the easy-to-use pump and fill the base with water or sand. Then knock it about a bit. Every time you punch it, the weeble-like base keeps the Power Tower popping back up for more. The tough PVC body will take all the punishment you can dish out and once everyone has tired themselves out, the whole thing can be deflated and packed flat. Ah… they’ll sleep well tonight.

The Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag is available from Firebox for $33.

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