Power LED Calendar Clock from Gforce

Gforce Power LED Calendar Clock

The Gforce Power LED Calendar Clock ($99.95) will light up your entire room displaying date, time, temperature and day of the week information.

The lower power consumption of the gforce Power Calendar Clock will make you do a double take on your electric bill. So mcuh light coming from onedevice, you’d think it would take a nuclear power palnt to make this puppy run. However, the Gforce Power Calendar Clock utilizes the best and brightest LED lights on the market, made by the world famous Nichia Corporation.

(Via Techie Diva)

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4 Responses to “Power LED Calendar Clock from Gforce”

  1. Make one like the chronometer in the Delorean and I’ll buy it

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  3. Gforce Power Calendar Clock need 1pc to purchase

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