Pot Leaf Chess Set

Marijuana Chess Set

Do some of your friends think you are a a super smart nerd while other know you as a stoner? It seems like a dichotomy, although these days geekiness, marijuana, and video games are fitting together more and more. Embracing this idea of a smart stoner is the Pot Leaf Chess Set. You play it just like the classic game of chess, but instead of the traditional pieces you have pot related chess pieces like marijuana leaves, joints, bongs, and bowls.

Stonerware Pot Leaf Chess Set

Stonerware Pot Leaf Chess Set. The Ultimate Marijuana Chess Set. Dude, who’s move is it again? The centuries old game of Kings and Queens enters the “stoner” age. Try to wrap your head around this classic game of strategy where you and your opponent do battle with only one goal in mind, to capture each others king. Keep in mind, it will take all of the braincells you have left to smoke your opponent under the table! This totally awesome set includes 32 “smokin’ pieces in the shapes of bongs, bowls, joints, pot leafs and more. Also comes with a full color board and instructions.

Stonerware Pot Leaf Chess Sets are sold for $34.99 at Amazon.com. For a fun weed related game that more people can play, check out Stoner City.

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