Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit

Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit

Get a potato, hook it up to the Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit, and be prepared to be educated and entertained. The kit works similarly to the Potato Clock, where you don’t need any batteries to power it up. Instead, these kits harness the energy inside the potato. While the latter was a clock, this one provides more of an entertainment value.

Once you’ve hooked up the Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit to a potato, press a button and listen to one of 17 audio clips from Portal 2 emanate from the futuristic-looking potato.

Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit

Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit

We’ve packaged nearly everything you need in this handy PotatOS Science Kit. The kit even includes a miniature science fair poster with brand new content from Valve’s writing team! Why “nearly everything,” you ask? You’ll have to provide your own potato, but we’re sure you have one nearby. Follow the directions and in minutes you’ll turn a mild-mannered Russet potato into your very own PotatOS that lights up and will insult you, just like old times.

  • It really works! When assembled, PotatOS’ light will illuminate & talk
  • 17 audio clips from Portal 2 included
  • Press a button on the PotatOS unit when you need to crush your ego
  • Yellow light blinks when PotatOS speaks

TheĀ Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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