Portable Rock Band Drum Kit for Xbox 360

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Portable Rock Band Drum Kit for Xbox 360

This officially licensed portable Rock Band drum kit for Xbox 360 is designed to withstand over 1 million strikes and it is playable on virtually any solid surface.

Featuring an ultra-thin navigation panel for easy in-game setup, a pair of soft-tip two-piece replacement drumsticks and a remote kick drum pedal, everything you need to play drums is included.

Easy to assemble and play and even easier to fold away for quick storage, when you don’t have ample room to rock with the full-sized drum kit, reach for these tabletop drums and rock like there is no tomorrow.

The Portable Rock Band Drum Kit for Xbox 360 will be available soon from the GameShard Store. The price has been set to $59.99 .

(Chip Chick via OhGizmo)

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10 Responses to “Portable Rock Band Drum Kit for Xbox 360”

  1. What games on 360 can use these drum pads?

  2. I’m not sure, Jeremy. Maybe someone else knows?

  3. Rock Band is awesome!

  4. Claim your FREE XBOX in minutes Reply April 21, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    This game is off the charts. First the guitar and now electric drums! I love how people jam at a place like best buy and you see all these other people checking them out…pretty cool.

  5. going to get this soon, but i doubt it will be the equivelent of $59.99 here in the UK, as usual we will probably get ripped off

  6. I cant believe the images that are on the Rockband
    Country Drum Software. Why in heavens name would
    there be Punk Rockers and the looks of what might
    be Devil Worshipers on a Country Music game is b
    beyond me. I am very dissapointed I didnt see
    that coming. I could see why maybe The Gambler
    wouldnt have Kenny Rogers band members but at least
    something that resembled Country!

  7. OR you could use the normal drums table top configuration

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