Portable Hello Kitty CD Case

Pink Hello Kitty CD Case

We haven’t posted much Hello Kitty stuff for a while, so this cute Portable Hello Kitty CD Case caught my eye. These days most people use an iPod or other MP3 player to hold their music, so there is little reason to carry music CDs with you. However, this Hello Kitty case works just as well for carrying DVDs and Blu-ray discs for your portable movie player or CD/DVD/BDROM data discs for your computer.

Portable Hello Kitty CD Case

Portable Hello Kitty CD Case

  • Can consist of 12 pcs CDs.
  • Lovely design draws much attention from buyers.
  • Provides you much convenience and comfort.
  • Brand new, lightweight, portable design.

Order the Portable Hello Kitty CD Case for $5.22 from Focalprice.com. Also be sure to check out the cute Hamburger CD Case.

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