Pop – iPod Cord Winder


It’s a big mystery why we in year 2007 still have to struggle with cords for our MP3 players and other gadgets. But as long as we have to do that, we can try to solve it in the best way possible: say hello to the POP Cord Winder ($10).

This little piece of beauty suctions onto the back of your iPod and takes care of the annoying problem with ear bud cords knotting up.

The POP belt clip also snaps on to your armband, your bag strap, belt or even simply directly onto your iPod case. Once coiled, the ear buds are held in place by snap fitting to the top or bottom of POP. POP is sold in black or white versions, and each package comes with it’s own set of decals for your own personalization.


(Via geeksugar)

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