Polluted Drinking Glasses

Polluted 13oz Drinking Glasses

Have you ever had a drink so potent that you wish it was marked with a warning or toxic label?  I have, twice.  My first Long Island Iced Tea and a Grateful Dead.  I actually drank them back to back on my 21st birthday and I really wish they had come in the Polluted 10oz Drinking Glasses; maybe then I would have been a little wiser and avoided making that mistake.  Anyway….Shaped like a nuclear waste container, these glasses are sure to be a party favorite as you can put your favorite concoctions in them and see who is man enough to drink them down; or smart enough to avoid them!

Polluted 10oz Drinking Glasses
pick your poison!

There’s just no better way to get wasted than our 10-ounce Polluted glasses and your favorite brand of poison. Totally intoxicating. We’ve packed two Polluted glasses in each colorful protective giftbox. Polluted is hand-blown from strong, lead-free borosilicate glass.

These Fred & Friends Polluted Glasses make a great gift for the party goer and drink enthusiast.  You can pick them up at Amazon.com from $12.99.  Need some more cool drinking glass ideas: Pac-Man, Atari Arcade, The Beatles and Walking Dead Glasses.

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